Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween for us was a GREAT night.
It's our second time going to a Halloween party in our lives.
And it is SO much fun to see that EVERYONE dresses up.
In Brazil and France it's not a traditional event.
We would advice that everyone experiences it.
And this year we went to Drew Barrymore's party with some of our friends.
It was really nice!!! We were dressed in Japanese student uniforms.
And you? What was your costume? And what did you do on Halloween?

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Sarri said...

Hi! How you doing?

Sounds like a superfun halloween :) And the photos look GREAT!

Halloween is not a big thing here in Finland, it's only been noticed here a few years ago. We usually just party. We don't go trick or treating. We had a nice party at work (I work in a kindergarten). Kids had so many cool costumes. I was a panther :) Unfortunately I don't have any pics..

Be well!