Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vip Guests at Universal Studios for our Birthday!

We were very happy with the surprise that Taj, Thayana's boyfriend, prepared for us on November 10th.
The next day our manager and friend, Adam Peck, organised a dinner at the Luau in Bervely Hills. It was sooo good!!!
So here is a small souvenir from our birthday party at Universal Studio. In the photos you can find some of the VIP guests we invited... LOL... It was a lot of fun!
The new Simpsons Ride/Simulator was really nice!!! Do you like amusement parks? What is your favorite ride or attraction?
Talk to you soon!


Magda, Asia & Beata said...

Hahahahha, we love your guests!!!!! And do we like amusement parks? They're the best!!! :)

Tina said...

lol did you guys do the Jurassic Park ride??? You all wore big jackets, was it that cold???? Brrrr I will be in LA for Christmas and I hope it's gonna be hot!!!


ps, thanks for sharing your pics!!