Friday, November 14, 2008

Coincidences with Allee Willis!

Two weeks ago we met a great personality/songwriter in the music business, Allee Willis. We visited her at her very happy, positive, and fun house. When we first got there, she gave us a nice tour of her home. It was amazing and we didn't know where to focus. Every corner was full of treasures, history, design... and candy (hmmm)... We started talking and it was funny how many coincidences we shared with her. The most incredible one was that we all have the same birthday!!! From that moment on, we were sure we would write music together. Allee's nickname is also the same as one of us and her favorite color is the same as another one of us. When we were talking to her about music, we also realized that our musical taste were very similar. It was incredible when we discovered that she is friends with a huge Brazilian singer/songwriter, Zelia Duncan(who we really enjoy).
Next week we'll see Allee again and we are very excited with this colaboration. Of course we already knew and loved her songwriting work from before! We can't wait to hear the results from our work together!!!
Now, believe it or not, it's not the first time a coincidence like this has happened to us. It also happened when we met the music group 3T. But we'll tell you all more about that in another opportunity.
Have you ever had coincidences like this with someone? Let us know...


Songfacts said...

Allee Willis is good stuff. Check out her Songfacts interview.

Nia said...
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Nia said...

Hey Trio,

Hope You All Are Doing Wonderful
I Love The Page And Blogs
I Can't Really Say
If I Had A Coincidence
Like You Did
Well Ladies Take Care

Stay Bless
Be Bless
Bless Someone Else

thanks for your time