Friday, October 31, 2008


We are so excited to now consider Los Angeles our home just like Brazil (our native country) and France (where we lived for 5 years). Moving to LA makes us feel like we're on vacation. We can enjoy the sun, put our swimsuits on and get a little tanner at the nearby beach. If you have some advice or thoughts on good places to go in LA they are welcomed. Or if you just want to talk about your personal experiences with discovering new cities/countries, feel free to do that as well. We are looking forward to your post!!!


Sarri said...

Hi T-Rio! How you doing? How has LA been for you?

I'm from Finland. Lived here all my life. I'm travelling to LA for ten days with my best friend. I don't actually have any tips for you guys but I was wondering if you would have any advice for us now that you've lived there for awhile? We already have tickets to Universal Studios :)

T-Rio said...

Hey Sarri! One area we know for sure you have to visit is Veneze, Santa Monica and the Third Street Promenade! It's a very fun spot for turism!
Enjoy your trip and take care!

Tina said...

Hey Ladies,

well, my all time favourite spot in LA is Griffith Observatory. That planetary right by Hollywood sign? You have the most wonderful view from up there. On clear days you can see all the way to Santa Monica. And the drive up there is just soooo beautiful... If you haven't been up there yet, I would recommend to go just before sunset and check out the exhibition. When you come back outside, enjoy the stars.. It's really beautiful...

Enjoy your new home! All the best, Tina

dudatriz said...

AMORESSSS, vcs mudaram pra Los Angeles???? Como assimmm??? Por quanto tempo??? Eu estou com planos de passar 4 meses aí fazendo sabe o quê? Figuração em Seriados e Filmes. Se der certo, voltaremos a conviver outra vez. UHU. Bjssss

Cindy said...

Hey there,

I'm jealous of you guys.
I would love to move to america, just cause the country amazes me. I've been there once (staying at someones house) and loved it.
Too bad it's too expensive for me to just go on vacation over there every year.
My dream would be an own day care centre.
Maybe in the future :-)

Have fun over there!!
X Cindy

P.s. I really like your blogs