Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coincidences with 3T!

We finally got some of the photos from the photo shoot Taj took of us, as you can see above!
Speaking of Taj Jackson, we'll now explain to you a little bit on how we met and started collaborating together.
When our first album was first released in France, one of the songs was a duet with the music group 3T (the brothers Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson). It was a cover from the famous group Chicago called "If You Leave Me Now". That's when we met!

Then all the strange coincidences came up:
  • We don't need to start by saying that they are three brothers and we are three sisters, right?
  • Also, all their names start with T, just like ours.
  • Two right handed and one left handed, just like us.
  • Their music group name "3T" was created by their mom, just like "T-Rio" was created by our mom.
  • Both our dads play guitar.
  • With 3T there's a 2 year difference between the first and the second child, and with us it's 2 minutes. Then, there's a 3 year difference between the second and the third child, while with us it's 3 minutes. Finally, there's a 5 year gap between the first and the last born, and a 5 minute gap for us.
  • They had a dog exactly the same age and breed as ours (for our sadness, both already passed away, but hopefully they are having fun together somewhere now)
  • The six of us have Latin origins and happen to be in the music business.
Since then a great friendship has grown in between us.
Today we are co-producing our new album together with Taj and have very similar tastes for everything, which make us very happy and glad to collaborate with him!


Sarri said...

That is just awesome! I've heard about this happening. My friend met someone who she has a lot of stuff like this is with. Have a nice day everyone!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Thanks for the update on the coicidences with 3T, you're very right, and some or most we already now, but it's nice to see them summed up.
I am glad you women remind 3T of their Latin roods they have from their mom.
Will there be another song of T-Rio & 3T out sometime? How are you girls enjoying LA? Must be so much better than cold Europe in this time of the year. Do you have more pictures Taj has taken of you?
Best wishes, take care and have a blessed day, enjoy life...
Janneke (The Netherlands)

Babi said...

I was really happy when I read this post.
I'm a 3T big fan since Brotherhood album and I just loved 'If you leave me now'.
I'm also brazilian and I hope to see you soon here, specially in Porto Alegre, RS.
Whish you the best!!!
Barbara (I'm following you in Twitter - bsflores)