Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This topic is in tribute to one of the biggest event of our country Brazil: The Carnival!
It happened a month and half ago. We wished we could have been there!
The carnival is SO loved in the entire world for its AMAZING and overflowing positive energy. Full of colors, dance and music (samba), the celebration passes through the Avenue of Sambodromo (where the Rio de Janeiro Carnival - the biggest - happens). No words can explain it! It reunites millions of people from all around the planet. It's one of our dreams to be a main part of this event one day!
The Carnival is so big in Brazil, that during the 4 days (or more) it takes place, it's very common that people skip work. Even though Carnival is not considered a National Holiday, many bosses give these days off to their employees. ( And probably to themselves as well :-). ) Now you wish you were brazilian, huh? Lol...
CARNAVAL! This word brings us so many different feelings because the carnival it's not just for the party and fun. Actually, there are many Schools of Carnival (over 20 of them. We don't know the exact number) that compete between them every year. Each school is responsible for performing a small play that is filmed and aired live on the huge worldwide brazilian channel: GLOBO. There are judges who pick which school has the best song, the best costumes, design, scenario, theme and a lot more. The most famous Carnival's spectacles are those from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. These schools, also generate a lot of jobs for people in the favelas (poor brazilian neighborhoods) giving them earnings for their families and themselves. So they can work for the Carnival the entire year, and in the end, be able to celebrate this giant and wonderful event: the Carnival!
So have anyone experienced the Carnival in Brasil already? And How was it?
If you didn't go, don't worry. Because Carnival in Brazil happens every year!

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Babi said...

Wonderful pictures girls!!!
I used to be a standard bearer in Carnival. The Carnival in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), from where I am, is not as big as Rio's, but it certainly has the same joy :)
Hope you're very happy living in USA ;)